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CONDEMNED is a 2015 son of Dawn Approach out of Only She Can who had four career starts, for a first and second placing, earning a total of $107,875 in prizemoney.

CONDEMNED retired from Godolphin’s racing program in October 2019, finding his long-term home with his strapper, Michala Vanwijngaarden. Michala first met CONDEMNED when she started working at Osborne Park in November of 2018 in his 3-year-old racing year. Michala had a huge soft spot for CONDEMNED and built a strong bond with him through looking after for him whilst he was under her care in the stables and accompanying him to the races.

Now affectionately known as Connie, Michala has been slowly bringing him along, focusing on natural horsemanship work to build his trust in her. Michala is working towards educating Connie as an allrounder, dabbling in a bit of team penning.

Team penning, also known as ranch sorting, is a western equestrian sport that evolved from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring or transport. A team of three horse and rider combinations use their combined athleticism, horsemanship and general "cowiness" to separate particular cows and herd them into the penning area in under 60 seconds. 

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